My Weight Loss Journey- Back to the Gym

2nd February 2017
Since attempting to go sugar free this January I have managed to get a lot more energy back and signed up to a gym!I used to go to the gym before I had my son and it really helped me get fit and it also helped balance out my anxiety and depression (the endorphin buzz you get straight after a workout is amazing!).

I have liked going back to the gym as it is my time to just blast some music and focus on nothing but my body, but I’ve noticed that my body is older and has aches and pains during workouts as well as afterwards.

I’ve always had bad knees due to my hypermobile joints, so running and even walking on an incline can cause pain. To reduce this I have had to invest in some decent trainers; I’ve always been reluctant to pay a lot for trainers as I don’t think there’s anything wrong with cheap ones, but now I have more pain in my joints I wanted to see if they would help.

I got some Skechers Equalizer Deal Maker trainers from Brantano. They are air-cooled with memory foam which I could tell as soon as I put them on because it was like walking on a soft fluffy cloud! This made me want to keep them for everyday use, but I knew that the memory foam may help to reduce the impact on my joints as I walked/ran. They have a lightweight, shock absorbing mid sole which is also aimed at reducing the tough impact to the joints.

Back to the gym
Got some new trainers to help motivate me to go to the gym

They also feature a gel top and gel material in the insole for extra comfort, as well as material that lets the feet breath. This is important because I sweat horrifically and find in regular trainers if my feet get too hot and sweaty they get slippy- not what you want when working out.

I’ve also got myself some workout leggings and some long sleeve gym tops, because I like how they keep my sweat on my arms instead of dripping out onto my hands when I’m trying to use the equipment (it also covers my very chubby top arms!).

I’ve managed to sign up to some of the classes at the gym to mix it up a bit, as I get really bored of the gym quite quickly, and I need people to be shouting words of encouragement when I am ready to slow down.

My favourite is spin which surprised me as I am not someone who will ride a bike in the real world, but a stagnant bike is perfect!

I love the music soundtrack and the different ways you can work all the muscles in your body just from cycling. We do a lot of standing, hovering, uphill and speed cycling and it’s amazing how much of a buzz I get after each class.

I’ve also tried some circuit training and weight lifting, both of which are far more fun than being on my own in the gym, so I am definitely going to keep up with the classes.

The only problem I have is trying to get to the gym during working, parenting and the joys of household chores. I am managing about twice a week at the moment which is better than nothing, but I need to find a way to still be able to go during school holidays. This is when single parenting gets complex!

Any tips appreciated…

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