• Tips for Tackling Loneliness

    27th January 2020

    Tips and advice to help reduce loneliness.

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  • 11 Dating Tips For Single Parents

    26th January 2017

    Getting back into the dating game after taking some time out can be hard, especially for single parents. The creator of The Love Life Agency, Charlotte Lewis, has been kind enough to share with Single Parent Pessimist her useful tips for us single parents to get back into the dating game; Some of the most…

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  • The Single Parent May Be Single Once Again

    7th July 2016

    Are you surprised? I doubt it, this is me after all; Queen of car-crash relationships. Jokes and sarcasm aside, I’m heartbroken. I’m embarrassed and I’m very, very low. We haven’t broken up because we don’t care about each other or because one of us has done something to break the trust.  We have broken up…

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  • Competition: Win a 6 Month Subscription to MumsDateDads

    6th May 2016

    Being a single parent means it can sometimes be hard getting back out there and dating. However, MumsDateDads, the UK’s favourite dating website for single parents is here to help. MumsDateDads is a great way to meet someone who understands what it’s like being a single parent and juggling between work, children and making time…

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  • So I’m Finally in a Relationship…

    19th January 2016

    I never thought I’d be writing this kind of post, because after three years of being single I’d pretty much resigned myself to being single for good (which is not a bad thing I hasten to add!). A couple of months ago I was contacted by a local journalist who wanted a quote about the…

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  • Guest Post: Financial Tips with Mrs Moneypenny

    21st July 2015

    As most of you know I tend to worry about future relationships, especially now I have a child’s needs to also think of, and one aspect of meeting a new partner is making sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to finances, and Ivan Molner describes this perfectly below! Mrs Moneypenny Gives…

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  • Single Parent Dating in the City: My Rant and Contentment

    30th May 2015

    I’m at quite a good stage of my life at the moment where I have finally gotten to the stage where I genuinely am not bothered if I ever get into another relationship again. You may roll your eyes and think ‘yeah right’ but it’s actually true. I feel content.  That’s something I don’t think…

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  • I’m A Date-Free Zone And Here’s Why…

    17th January 2015

    If you remember, I became quite the playa last summer and this lasted until Christmas, but something has recently changed… I suddenly have no interest to date. At all. Seriously! Now don’t get me wrong I had a great time dating various guys, some were just for fun and others had potential, but now I…

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  • Win MumsDateDads 6 Months Online Dating Membership

    9th January 2015

    MumsDateDads is the UK’s leading dating website for single parents and they have kindly given me one six month membership for their website worth £90 to give away to one of you lucky readers. In the busy times we live in, finding a meaningful connection with somebody can be tricky and sometimes difficult, especially for…

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  • Let’s Talk About Sex Baby…

    15th November 2014

    With HIV Awareness Week fast approaching (23-30th Nov), this inspired me to write a post about my favourite subject: SEX. Sadly in this country it is still very much a taboo subject in schools, families and for some people they find it hard to even talk about in their friendship groups. My mother is a…

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